The word 'Catholic' means to be part of the whole and common. For this reason we believe that God calls us to come closer towards a broader vision of great wholeness. We take very seriously the sacramental life of the Church as visible expressions of the grace of God at work in our lives. We place the Eucharist at the centre of everything, because it is the sacrament of God-with-us. Our daily prayer joins us in the prayers of our sisters and brothers in the past, present and future. We believe that Scripture is the Word of God revealing to us the mistery of our justification and redemption through faith in Jesus Christ. But God also gave us the Church Tradition, reason and experience to engage with this mystery. The celebration of the lives of the saints encourages us to move towards becoming the people God who believe that, as St Teresa teaches us, the closer we approach to God, the simpler we becomes. 

Part of our inclusive Catholic vision is the belief that God calls both women and men to receive the sacrament of ordination to the diaconate, priesthood and episcopate. We also believe that God blesses those who seek to live in permanent, faithful and stable relationships, regardless of their sexual orientation. So, we celebrate humanity in all its God-given diversity seeking to ensure that the voices of all Christians are heard, understood and engaged with in the wider Church.

As Anglican Catholics we are engaged in serving and defending the poor and marginalised. We try to build strong connections with communities in disadvantaged areas, which give shelters to the poor, disable, refugees and  asyluum sekers. So, our goal is to be a mission shaped community of faith and this mission seeks to create a place where God will dwell with us and we shall be his people. 



Missions may have different focuses or themes. Some concentrate on adult catechesis, Scripture study, meditation, healing, marriage, or a variety of spiritual exercises. But the Anglican down-to-earth preaching always emphasizes love, compassion and mercy. This is the key message of our mission. This is the mission of our parishes to proclaim that in Jesus Christ is plentiful redemption for all. Parish mission is necessary and urgent in our life today. There is nothing, which will replace it in the periodic and vigorous renewal of Christian life.

Living Christ's Story - Learning Webinars 2021 

Session 1: Reaching younger adults   -  https://vimeo.com/578506420

Session 2: Creating festival churches – https://vimeo.com/582463983

Session 3: Growing churches (Mustard Seed) – https://vimeo.com/585829644  

Session 4: Being creative with PCC Structures – https://vimeo.com/586663541

Session 5: Encouraging giving in your church – https://vimeo.com/599598565

Session 6: Developing our online ministry – https://vimeo.com/599600266

Session 7: Collaboration across parishes – https://vimeo.com/599599209


The Benefice of the Whorlton Group is located on the north-western boundary of the North York Moors National Park in Cleveland, North Yorkshire. It was created on 31st October 2019 when six parishes formed the new benefice. Those parishes are Carlton-in-Cleveland, Crathorne, Faceby, Middleton-on-Leven, Rudby-in-Cleveland and Whorlton (Swainby and Potto). The Benefice of Whorlton is a part of the Deanery of Stokesley within the Diocese of York in the Church of England. We have eight beautiful churches in our benefice, with the oldest church, Holy Cross in Whorlton, having a very interesting history. Today the church in Whorlton is a partial ruin, but it served in the past as a place of worship for many generations.    

The church of All Saints in Hutton Rudby (Parish of Rudby-in-Cleveland)


The church of All Saints in Crathorne (Parish of Crathorne)


The church of the Holy Cross in Swainby (Parish of Whorlton) 

The church of St Botolph in Carlton-in-Cleveland

The church of St Mary Magdalene in Faceby

St Cuthbert's church in Middleton-on-Leven

The old church of the Holy Cross in Whorlton 

St Mary's church in Potto

A special service of thanksgiving for the grace of establishing the Benefice of Whorlton - 12 December 2019: Eucharist led by Bishop Paul of Whitby  

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