Funerals in Parishes of Whorlton Benefice

We would like to support you in organising Christian funerals in our churches and churchyards.

Christian funerals are bespoke services in which we express our faith in hope of resurrection and union with God through Jesus Christ. We, Christians, believe that when someone dies, it is not the end of life, but the end of their life on Earth.

Family and close friends gather at Christian funerals to say their 'good-bye' to their beloved one who died, but also to thank God for the gifts of their life. 

In our parishes we follow the funeral rite of the Church of England.

What happens at a Church of England funeral service?
However, in the parishes belonging to the Church of England, funeral service can be made as personal and unique event. Christians often celebrate the life of the deceased, but also take into account the circumstances of the death.

The Church of England funeral service can take place almost anywhere, including a church, churchyard, cemetery or crematorium. A Church of England funeral service usually follows a general structure, with the Order of Funeral Service including readings, a sermon, prayers and hymns.

In addition, the service may include a eulogy written and delivered by a family member or close friend. Special requests such as the deceased’s favourite music and funeral flowers are customary at Christian funerals. 

If you need to organise a funeral service for someone from your family who died, please contact the Funeral Director and Rector or Parish Administrator.  

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